Yvonne's birthday is quickly approaching and since social distancing rules will likely be in place much longer we want to invite you to be a part of our virtual celebrations and fundraiser!

As a member of the Quinte Humane Society's Fundraising Committee Yvonne can certainly see the dire impact the COVID19 outbreak has had on the shelter and it's operations. Many different large scale fundraisers this spring have needed to be cancelled to help protect everyone including the Trivia Night and Raise the Woof Comedy Festival. With some of our largest yearly fundraisers cancelled we need to reach out to the community to help keep Quinte Humane Society operational at this time.

This is where we (and you come in)! For Yvonne's birthday we are introducing the Quite Canine Birthday Challenge. This fun virtual fundraiser is a great way to help Quinte Humane Society while having a lot of laughs! Below you will see fun and silly 'challenges', which for a fee, Yvonne will preform. On her birthday (June 23rd) Yvonne will go live throughout the day to preform the challenges so you can share in a laugh! If you dont see a challenge you would like to sponsor,  you can submit your own!

Some challenges are limited to once but others can be sponsored multiple times! With your sponsorship, you will be listed below as well as a big thank you shout out will be done on our live Facebook feed! Once sponsorships are completely and the days schedule is finalized we will send you an email with the time your challenge will go live so you can tune in and interact with us, although we encourage you to tune in throughout the day! For some challenges, you can participate too (keeping social distancing guidelines and safety in the forefront). Want to throw a pie in Yvonne's face or  watch her try to run an agility course like a dog? See all of the fun challenges below or come up with your own!

100% of the proceeds of this event will be going to support the Quinte Humane Society and the important work they do in our community.  To learn more about them please visit

To sponsor a challenge below simply email us at to let us know which of the challenges you would like. We will then send you an email with more details and payment options!


Create Your Own Challenge for Yvonne!

Sponsor - Multiple  available

Come up with your own fun challenge that Yvonne can do! Just simply email us with your challenge, its description and the sponsorship amount you would like. Please keep in mind that challenges must be family friendly and be completed at our location using items easily sourced.


Handstand Challenge

Sponsor - Paul Jenkins & Jessie                         Sponsor - Still 14 more available

In this challenge Yvonne will complete a 5 second handstand (against a wall). Each of the handstands will be at different times of the day to avoid passing out.  :)


Dizzy Distance

Sponsor - Marylyn Jenkins & Jessie                    Sponsor 2 - Still available

After spinning around on a pole (forehead on the pole) 20 times Yvonne will then attempt to skateboard across the room!


Dog Trick! Balance a Cookie & Catch

Sponsor - Only 15  available

Yvonne loves to teach dogs tricks, but can she also preform them? Yvonne will balance a dog cookie on her snout and attempt to catch it!


When Life Gives You Lemons, You Eat Them!

Sponsor - Colleen Phillips, Rhody, Pewter & Taz                                                                                            Sponsor 2 - Still available

When life gives you lemons, eat them! Although Yvonne will often enjoy a splash of lemon on a meal, how about making her eat an entire lemon?


A Spoon Full of Mustard Makes the Medicine Go Down? 

Sponsor - Only 2 available

Mustard on a burger, not so bad if its just a little, but a whole spoonful? Make Yvonne eat a spoon full or mustard!



Sponsor - Steph Ferguson & Raine

Yvonne has always wondered what a Milkbone tastes like but was never courageous enough to try. Why not make her be brave?


Lego my Dog!

Sponsor - Faye Thomas & Ben

To the best of her ability, Yvonne will attempt to build a dog from lego pieces, blindfolded!


Scent Detection Container Search

Sponsor - Diane Knoppert & Smudge

Yvonne, like our canine friends, on all four paws, will complete a 16 box container search using Wintergreen odor and must call the 'Alert' correctly!


Pooch Painting

Sponsor - Janet, Bruce, Freya & Daegan Forsyth

Without the use of her hands, Yvonne will paint a picture of your dogs face on canvas using a paintbrush and her mouth!  Yvonne isn't very artistic, even with her hands. 


Glass of Vino

Sponsor - Bill, Nicola & Lacy Carswell!

This one is just a nice birthday cheers!  Yvonne will cheers you with a glass of wine!


Agility Course

Sponsor - Kathy Papierzanska & Brie

Yvonne, like our canine friends, on all four paws, run a entire agility course (and you can design the course if you like)! 15 foot tunnel, 2 wingless jumps, 2 wing jumps, weave poles, miniature dog walk, A-Frame, pause table and more!


Pie in the Face

Sponsor - Rose Rogers & Matilda

In this challenge you will get to smush a cream pie in Yvonne's face live on Facebook for the world to see!


Birthday Cake

Sponsor - Tricia Bonner & Baxter

What is a birthday without cake? Except this one is a little funnier! Yvonne will eat a piece of birthday cake with her hands tied behind her back.


The Git Up

Sponsor - Tricia Bonner & Baxter

Yvonne will do the Git Up challenge live on Facebook! Not sure what the Git Up is? Check it out at


Ice Bucket

Sponsors - Tina Sawicki & The Gang

Kelsi O'Rourke & The Gang

Bonnie Locke & The Gang

If you know Yvonne, you know she is always freezing cold (no matter the time of year). So why not get to watch her get a bucket full of cold water and ice dumped over her head!