Meshu, ITD

Intermediate Trick Dog



Meshu is a 7 year old rescued Pomeranian.  She is a small dog with BIG personality.  Initially shy and reserved she quickly warms up to new friends.  Meshu's favorite activities include cuddling, hoop jumps, bar jumps, tricks and providing comic relief!  She enjoys entertaining crowds of people with her fun and cute personality as well as her many tricks!  For the third year in a row she has been named Barks by the Bay Canine Festival's Queen of Barks for her beauty, personality and skills!   


She received her first title, Novice Trick Dog (NTD) in December of 2014 where she was happy to show off her spunk by performing over 19 tricks for a public crowd.  In May of 2015, Meshu once again showed us her skills by earning her Intermediate Trick Dog Title (ITD).