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Does your dog need a job? Does your dog have a nose? If so, tracking might be your answer. Please call or email today to register!



Dog Puppy Training Classes Belleville Trenton Ontario Train Trick Scenting Scent Detection Canine Quinte West

All dogs have a natural ability to follow scent no matter the breed or mix of breeds. Tracking lessons are available to anyone with an interest. One to one or group lessons are available.


We start with simple exercises that you can practice at home to encourage and develop your dog’s natural scenting abilities. Tracking is an easy way to give your canine companion a ‘job’ and is mentally stimulating.


Tracking relieves stress and provides exercise for your dog and you. Tracking is fun, builds a dog’s confidence and burns a lot of physical and mental energy. It also provides an opportunity for you to improve your relationship with your dog by interacting as a team.

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