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Private Training Sessions & Classes



Private classes are available to individuals and families.


Private obedience classes are flexible and can start with just one session or are available as a package of sessions.


Please call or email today to learn more or to arrange sessions.

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Each and every dog learns differently and the ability to customize lessons based on the dog adds a great value versus a specific group class.  

Private Sessions - Obedience, Tricks and More!


Private dog classes are available on an as needed basis or you can purchase a package of sessions.  If you are looking to target your training to something specific, call us to discuss a training plan and how many sessions you might need. Please email us for a full quote (please include your address if you are interested in in-home sessions versus at our training facility.


Private classes can cover things such as:


  • Basic to Advanced Obedience

  • Puppy Training

  • Trick Dog Training

  • Rally Obedience

  • Tracking Training

  • Scent Detection Training

  • Crate Training & Routines

  • The human-dog bond

  • Dog Equipment, Food and Care

  • Other custom work based on your goals!

Training Packages


Private - In Facility - A great option for many owners is six 30-minute sessions (excludes behaviour modification) at our training facility. The cost for the 6 sessions is $285-$325+HST for one dog. Semi-private session are also available and are six 45-minute sessions and are $485+HST for 2 dogs (same or separate homes).


Each one to one class is very custom to each individual and their dog based on their needs and wants. The custom aspect of Quinte Canine is what sets it apart and provides a very solid foundation to living with our dogs. 

For Private Behaviour Modification please visit our Behaviour Modification page:

At this time, with dog training remaining an essential service, we are not required to participate in the vaccine passport system, unless for workshops or trials. But, as we all know, the government can (and does) change policies quickly. It is important to understand that if vaccine passports are required by the government in the future during dog training classes, all students will need to show valid proof of vaccination. Those unable to provide proof of vaccination can still participate via virtual means.

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