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Quinte Canine Convenience


We carry a small variety of dog items in facility for convenience and ease of purchase. Select items below are carried by Quinte Canine because we believe in their use. Some of our product are sold to benefit local animal charities.

We do not have regular facility hours but items can be purchased before or after classes if needed; or contact us today to arrange a time to shop.

Below you will find Training Items, Mental Stimulation Items and an Other Category.

Training Items


EasyWalk Harness


Arrange for a free fitting today and try it out. We can help you ensure a proper fit to begin your journey toward loose leash walking.


Training Bag


Adjustable waist, clothing clip, extra storage and easy click close (only available in grey at this time)


Quinte Canine Potty Bells


Click on the image to learn more!


The Canny Collar

$50 Sizes 1-3

$55 Sizes 4-7

Click on the image to learn more!


3 in 1 Hands-Free Body Leash

1", 3/4" & 1/2"


We love this leash and are sure you will too! Available in a variety of colours, this leash allows you to tether your dog to you worry free.

As Yvonne says: "You are a better trainer the moment you get your hands off your leash"


Doggie Language

A Dog Lover's Guide to Understanding Your Best Friend

By Lili Chin


We love this book so much that it is included in the cost of new class enrollments for both Puppy Class and Basic Obedience!

Mental Stimulation

Lg Bully Stick.jpg

12" Large Bully Sticks


Low/No Odor. All natural free range cattle.No chemicals or preservatives added. All natural flavour your dog will love.

Most fit into our Small Bully Grips!

Collagen Chews_edited.jpg

12" Collagen Chews


Beef Collagen Sticks are tough and long lasting chews and great for active chewers. No hormones, fillers, artificial preservatives, chemicals or by-products used in production of Collagen Sticks.

Most fit into our Medium Bully Grips!

bully grip.jpg
bully in grip.png

The Bully Grip


The design helps prevent a dog from pulling the treat out.  We believe this is the best Bully Stick holder on the market!

See it in action:


Omega Trick Treat Ball


A great way to feed your dog or puppy their meal to slow them down and provide great mental enrichment!

PW2 (3)-20181025215654-20181025215936-10

Kong Wobbler

$25 Small

$30 Large

Another great way to feed your dog or puppy their meal to slow them down and provide great mental enrichment!

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