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Intermediate Obedience Class

Monday February 6 at 2:30pm (Feb 6, 13, 27, Mar 6, 13 & 20)

- Just 1 space available in this class


Intermediate Obedience class is for dogs over 6 months of age, up to late senior years with up to date vaccinations. The class is designed for dog and people friendly dogs who have attended a basic training class (with Quinte Canine or elsewhere).  Classes are 6 weeks and are $175+HST.


Call or email to register, space is very limited and classes fill quickly!

The Intermediate Obedience Classes are built for dogs aged 6 months and older who have previous class training experience (with Quinte Canine or elsewhere based on our assessment).


If your dog has taken a basic obedience class in the past he/she may be ready for this next level!  If your dog has taken training elsewhere of you feel he/she is ready for Intermediate class, contact us!  In many cases we can briefly provide a free assessment to see his/her current level.   


Once your dog has the basic behaviours like loose leash walking, sit, down, come, stay (in moderate distraction environments) its time to up-the-ante!  We will briefly review basic obedience or sharpen and reinforce your current obedience.  We will build on your existing foundations to get the results you want and need from your dog.  Class will get you to the next level with various cues such as distance cues, stop, long stays, distance stays and focused heeling. 


The skills you will both learn in class can and will be taken out into the real world.


Call or email Quinte Canine today to register for an upcoming class.

At this time, with dog training remaining an essential service, we are not required to participate in the vaccine passport system, unless for workshops or trials. But, as we all know, the government can (and does) change policies quickly. It is important to understand that if vaccine passports are required by the government in the future during dog training classes, all students will need to show valid proof of vaccination. Those unable to provide proof of vaccination can still participate via virtual means.

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