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Rally Classes 

Rally O Beginners

- Prerequisite training is required such as Intermediate obedience class. Dog joining this class should have a 'Heel' cue.

Please email us at to express interest in our next Beginners Rally O clas!

Rally classes are 6 sessions and are $175+HST.

Rally O - (Pre-Novice, Novice, Advanced, Excellent, etc.)

- Must have attended Beginners Rally or have previous rally obedience experience

Class notifications are sent to existing students. If you have previously trained in Rally O and would like to join please email us at


Rally classes are 6 sessions and are $175+HST.





Call or email to register, space is very limited and classes fill quickly!


Payment for all Rally O Classes

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Quinte Canine's Rally classes are built for dogs aged 5 months and older who have previous obedience experience (with Quinte Canine or elsewhere). Quinte Canine dogs who have completed the Intermediate Obedience class can join this fun. If you are not sure if you qualify please contact us to see how we can get you ready!  


Rally (also known as Rally Obedience or Rally-O) is an extremely fun dog sport that anyone can participate in. Unlike formal obedience, Rally is an interactive and lively sport for the serious obedience fan or the average owner looking to build a strong bond and connection with their dog while having a fun time!


In Rally the dog and handler work their way through a 'course' of signs with various activities and behaviours to be performed at each station.  Unlike traditional obedience, Rally handlers can encourage their dogs throughout the course. The aim of the game is to have fun and enjoy yourself!  No previous Rally experience is needed to join the fun!


This class teaches CARO (Canadian Association of Rally Organizations) rally signs, but don’t worry if you would like to enter other organizations  (such as CKC, AKC, etc.), the foundations for this fun sport are the same (despite rule differences in the various organizations).

This class is taught by Shelly Lyck (pictured above and below with her Labradors). Shelly is not only a CARO Rally Judge, CKC Rally Judge, CKC CGN Evaluator, but also a high-level competitor herself with many years of experience teaching rally. Recently retiring from a 32 year long career teaching at Loyalist College, Shelly is now focusing on what is most important in life, DOGS!


Over the years Shelly has competed with 4 Labrador Retrievers in obedience, rally and agility and has been successful in achieving a number of titles at excellent, master and championship levels.  She is now emBARKing on Labrador number 5 and hopes to have another successful journey.



Call or email Quinte Canine today to register for an upcoming class.

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At this time, with dog training remaining an essential service, we are not required to participate in the vaccine passport system, unless for workshops or trials. But, as we all know, the government can (and does) change policies quickly. It is important to understand that if vaccine passports are required by the government in the future during dog training classes, all students will need to show valid proof of vaccination. Those unable to provide proof of vaccination can still participate via virtual means.

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