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Puppy Class

We highly recommend booking Puppy class when you are planning your puppy to avoid disappointment or 'aging out' as some classes and preferred times can fill well in advance. Please see information below about early socialization and its impact on your new puppy.


Upcoming Classes

Wednesday June 12 at 2:30pm (Jun 12, 19, 26, Jul 3, 10 & 17) - Spaces still available in this class

Wednesday June 26 at 5:30pm (Jun 26, Jul 3, 10, 17, 24 & 31) - Spaces still available in this class

Wednesday July 10 at 4:00pm (Jul 10, 17, 24, 31, Aug 7 & 14) - Spaces still available in this class


Wednesday July 24 at 7:00pm (Jul 24, 31, Aug 7, 14, 21 & 28) - Spaces still available in this class

Puppy classes are structured for puppies who have received their first set of vaccinations (7 days after veterinarian vaccination and home for at least 7 days) up to 16 weeks.

(If over 16 weeks of age please see our Basic Obedience class page)

Classes are 1 hour for 6 weeks and are $175+HST ($197.75 including taxes). Each participant will also receive a copy of Doggie Language:
A Dog Lover's Guide To Understanding Your Best Friend by Lili Chin

To register, click on the Registration button below or email us today, space is very limited and classes fill quickly!

We are now offering Puppy Packages to suit your needs and budgets! Visit our Puppy Packages page by clicking HERE!

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Quinte Canine follows the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behaviour Guidelines for puppy socialization (read this position statement by clicking here).  We feel it is critical to begin proper, safe and appropriate socialization of puppies as soon as possible (7 days after their first vaccination).  The critical period of socialization for puppies is within the first 3 months of life and this time is very important to your puppy's overall mental health. If you have a new puppy or are planning a new puppy, contact us today to begin planning your puppy's socialization journey. 


Do you want a well-socialized, confident puppy who responds to you? Group classes are the perfect environment for you and your puppy to learn to strengthen your bond to become the dynamic duo you want to be! You have a lifetime to teach some things (shake paw, heel, etc) but only a very short time to bomb-proof your puppy temperamentally/environmentally. 


Classes are structured and themed so that you work on relevant behaviours each class and can start applying your new skills in the real world right away. We focus on how to communicate with your dog in the way that he/she learns through a positive approach. Together, we will find what motivates your puppy, from treats and toys to praise and play, learn to bond in his/her way!


Along with basic manners and cues (sit, down, come, loose leash walking), we cover many very important topics such as house training, bite inhibition (nipping), crate training, name recognition and much more. Classes will teach you how to recognize healthy play through supervised play sessions and will teach you to recognize signs of stress in dogs which will allow you to intervene before problems begin such as bullying or fights.  


We will also work on important environmental socialization to help your puppy grow into a well mannered dog.  This class will help you learn how to deal with your puppies fear periods as well as help you build his/her confidence so your puppy will continue to grow into a well mannered and enjoyable friend.    


Classes are small enough so that your puppy will get to meet new friends and you will get the individual time and attention from the trainer you deserve.




Need Help NOW?  Try our 'New Puppy Start-Up Class', this is a private in home program for anyone looking to get through the difficult first weeks or months. 

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