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SDDA Scent Detection Trial

Quinte Canine is proud to announce that we will be holding another Sporting Detection Dogs Association (SDDA) Trial right here in Belleville!!!!

Saturday October 24: Started and Advanced Levels

Sunday October 25: Excellent Level

Judge: Teresa Lewin

Quinte Canine trials are held in a large facility, with ample space for parking and crating.

We are now taking trial entries. Please download the Premium List PDF below, fill out the form, then, scan it and send it to with your entry fee.

Please note: although this event is marked Public, it is not a public event. Public designation will allow those registered to compete the chance to find the event and keep up to date. Due to the integrity of the sport (keeping

the hide location secret), only trial officials, event volunteers and competitors are permitted to attend. If you would like to learn more about Scent Detection or observe dogs in action please send us a private message as we would be happy to show off some super sniffers!

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